This site is about the General Data Protection Regulation.


It is unplugged because this site doesn't sell anything. It doesn't withhold information in order to sell anything. It doesn't relay only good news to you. It's about avoiding a crisis where useful insights in data may disappear for anyone but a few big companies.

Unplugged also because there's no big banners, links to advertisements and no links to ad-services. The only links outside this site are those of CSS-files from w3 and fonts from Google.

And then there is loose ends, unplugged if you like. I hope to offer implementation details for most suggestions I do. Please be patient.


This site is written by Joost Helberg. He works as an independent contractor under the name of Cistus.

I'm a data enthusiast and I am worried about the effect GDPR has on data; implemented in a over-eager way, it makes data science close to useless. I don't want that to happen. Data science can be performed with data limiting the risk involved. This site is dedicated to explaining how to do that.

Please contact me at joost at gdprunplugged.eu for suggestions, pointing out mistakes and ideas for making GDPR easier to buy in to.

About this site

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In case you are interested in the way I integrate text with code, please check out litpro.nl. It is dedicated to Literate Programming.